Important update about flooding events

Department: County Commissioners, Disaster & Emergency, Road & Bridge, Sheriff

UPDATE June 15, 2022 4:00 PM:

Sweet Grass County personnel are continuing to work on repairing damage to roads and bridges around the county with the first priority being the damaged bridge on North Yellowstone Trail. Crews will be working on the damaged roads up the Main Boulder and Lower Sweet Grass as well.

Big Timber City Public Works has completed monitoring and testing of the city water following the flood. All tests came back clear.

We remain in contact with residents and church camps up the Main Boulder regarding ingress and egress over the damaged road. Please contact Sweet Grass County DES Coordinator Cliff Brophy at 406-932-3011 with questions.

Sweet Grass County is working with a recovery team from the State of Montana that is in the area assisting jurisdictions with documenting loss from this catastrophic flood. Once you have reported your loss to your insurance company, please contact Sweet Grass County DES Coordinator Cliff Brophy at 406-932-3011 to report your loss to the state.

Would you like to receive future emergency notices via text, phone, or email? If so, please sign up with CodeRed at the following link to select how you wish to be notified.

You can also help Sweet Grass County personnel respond more quickly and efficiently during the next disaster or emergency by clearly displaying your address number if you live in the city or your rural address if you live in the county. If you don’t have a rural address or need replacement numbers, please contact Lana King at the City/County Planning Office located in the Annex Building at 5th and Hooper.

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