PO Box 1310
Big Timber, MT 59011

Phone: (406) 932-5147

Phone: (406) 932-5147

Superintendent of Schools: Callie Rech [email protected]

Crazy Mountains
The Sweet Grass County Superintendent of Schools office provides administrative support, information, and organization for the schools and communities of Sweet Grass County..

Duties of the office:
The office provides administrative services to the three rural independent school districts in Sweet Grass County (Melville Elementary, Greycliff Elementary, and McLeod Elementary). In addition, the superintendent conducts legal hearings of disputes, calculates and correlates county financial information, and acts as the record keeper of all school information.

The superintendent must register all home school students as required by Montana law. The office provides information to real estate agents, businesses, and residents establishing subdivisions regarding school populations, district boundaries, and impacts of growth on schools. Any property transfers between school districts must go through the office.

In addition, the superintendent also calculates, correlates, and reports transportation and retirement mills to the county commissioners for their approval and oversees the disbursal of the revenues generated for all of the Sweet Grass County schools. It is also the responsibility of the County Superintendent’s office to review all of the schools’ budgets and their Trustee Financial Summaries in conjunction with the treasurer’s office before they receive final approval from the commissioners and the Montana Office of Public Instruction.


11.16.2023 Agenda Greycliff

11.15.23 Agenda McLeod

11.14.23 Agenda Melville

Home School Packet 8.24.2023

McLeod School District Revised PLAN Update May 2023

McLeod School ARP ESSER Plan Update May 2023

Melville ARP ESSER Plan Update May 2023

Melville School District PLAN Update May 2023

Greycliff School District Plan Update May 2023

Greycliff ARP Esser May 2023 Update

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