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Phone: 406-932-3012

Fax: 406-932-3026

Finance Officer: Vicki Uehling [email protected]

Cash Meetings

What, when, where, who and why of the monthly cash meeting

What: A cash meeting is unique to Sweet Grass County. It is an opportunity for the finance officer to publicly review all the financial activity of the county for the previous month.

When: Normally the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please call ahead to verify that the date has not been changed.

Where: In the commissioner board room at the Sweet Grass County Annex, located at 115 West 5th Avenue.

Who: Attendees include the finance officer, the commissioners, the clerk and recorder, and the treasurer. This is a public meeting and everyone is welcome to attend.

Why: This monthly meeting is prepared and presented by the finance officer to present an update on the current financial status of the county.

Topics that are normally presented at the meeting are:
1. A summary of county credit card activity
2. A review of the cash position of the Pioneer Medical Center (PMC)
3. Investment activity
4. Cash held in all bank and investment accounts
5. Pledged securities held by the banks to secure county deposits that exceed $250,000
6. Review of the journal entries made by the finance officer
7. Budget amendments and adjustments
8. Review of all current grants
9. Review of all expenditure budgets
10. Review of all revenue budgets
11. Review of cash balance in all budgets

If you plan to attend a cash meeting and would like a copy of the monthly packet of information please let the finance office know at least 1 day in advance so a copy will be available.

MONTH OF BUSINESS (Note: These files may be large and take a few minutes to download) CASH MEETING DATE
Cash Mtg Jul 2015 – Jan 2016
June 2014 Cash Meeting July 23, 2014
May 2014 Financial Report No cash meeting held
 April 2014 meeting March 2014 Business  April 16, 2014
 March 2014 meeting for Nov and Dec 2013 and Jan and Feb 2014 Business  March 19, 2014

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