Sweet Grass County Weed
5 Hooper St
P.O. Box 640
Big Timber, MT 59011

Phone: (406) 932-3582

Phone: (406) 932-3582

Noxious Weed Coordinator: Evelyn Halverson sgcoweed@itstriangle.com

Sweet Grass County Cost Share Program

– Cannot exceed $500.00/individual and/or property
– Weed District will refund 50% for the cost of chemical if done privately and 50% of total cost if done by a commercial applicator

– Only 1 project/person or group/year private sector only
– Project must be completed within the time frame of the plan, not longer than 1 year
– Project must be located in Sweet Grass County
– Only for on the ground projects

Reimbursements will be made after project has been completed and after receipts and reimbursement forms have been submitted to weed district

– Funding available for cost-share to assist landowners in implementing long-term, integrated weed control
– Special consideration will be given to; New invaders; Subdivisions and small tract landowners
– Landowners must agree to the terms and provisions of the grant application and contract agreement
– Landowner must agree to allow weed district staff and/or weed board members to inspect their projects as deemed necessary

Click to go to our Forms & Permits page to access the Cost Share Program Application

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