Old Boulder Bridge Closures

Department: Road & Bridge

The old Boulder Bridge will be closed on:

Monday: 12/16: SK arriving on-site at 10-11 am. Going to stage and setup on the south side (City Park) of the bridge. Drill rig will take up most of lane and public traffic will not be allowed. They plan to bore until 5:00 PM. If operations are complete, they will demobilization and reopen to public traffic.  If they have to switch to a coring apparatus, there is a potential closure of the roadway overnight.

Tuesday : 12/17: Finish remainder of south side of bridge (if necessary). Mobilization to north side of bridge. Start boring/coring at north side of bridge. SK will attempt to leave a portion of the lane open to emergency traffic, but cannot guarantee public traffic during operations. Roadway should be able to be open to public traffic past 5:30 PM.

Wednesday: 12/18: Finish remainder of north side of bridge. Estimated demobilization between 12 PM and 5 PM.

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