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In accordance with Montana law (MCA 15-17-125) A tax lien will be attached to all 2020 delinquent property tax if not paid prior to August 2, 2021. A tax lien may be assigned to a third party. A tax lien certificate represents a lien on the property that may lead to the issuance of a tax deed. The county or its assigns will be entitled a tax deed on August 2, 2024 if the tax lien is not redeemed. Please contact the Sweet Grass County Treasurer’s Office 406-932-5151 for further information on tax liens and for questions or instructions on how to pay delinquent taxes. After August 15th an Assignee can contact you by mail letting you know they plan to take an assignment on the lien and if not paid before August 31, 2021 the lien could be assigned to a third party.

  • Publication Notice of Pending Tax Lien in the Big Timber Pioneer Jun 17th & 24th 2021
  • On July 15, 2021 Letters were sent to all owners of record that have a pending tax lien.

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