Important information for this weekend and past flood event

Department: County Commissioners, Disaster & Emergency, Planning, Road & Bridge, Sheriff

IMPORTANT INFORMATION and UPDATES on recent flooding events.

Preparation for this Weekend:

Sweet Grass authorities wish to remind everyone that the National Weather Service has posted information about the possibility of increased flow in the rivers and streams in this area due to warmer temperatures and snow melt. Please monitor their websites and be prepared for possible flooding this weekend.

Federal and State lands have restrictions in place due to recent flooding events. Please visit their websites for current information.

Health and Safety Concerns:

Please use caution when traveling on roadways and bridges in Southcentral MT or in any other location where flooding has occurred. Unseen hazards may exist that may not have yet been discovered by authorities.

Waterways will have dangerous debris and other hazards in and around the waterways. Some waterways may have raw sewage spilling into the water due to recent events.

Water wells and cisterns may have been contaminated by flooding events. If contamination was possible or is known, please have the water tested before it is consumed. Big Timber public works has been monitoring the city water closely. Big Timber City water has been safe and has not been compromised during this event.

Other health hazards may include molds, pathogens, chemicals and decaying animal carcasses.

Utilities and pipelines may have been damaged during the flood. Downed power lines and damaged power boxes may expose persons to electrical shock or other hazards.

If you see or hear of dangerous situations or if something appears out of the ordinary, please report that situation to the proper authorities. Utility companies, pipeline companies, transportation companies and many more organizations appreciate the calls for the protection of all involved.

Emergencies may be reported by calling 9-1-1.

Recovery efforts:

Sweet Grass has repaired roads and bridges to a level that they are all open. Some roads will require further maintenance and we ask for your patience while public works is able to schedule that into their workload.

Information will be disseminated throughout the next few weeks giving folks some contact information on how they may seek assistance. IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that there will be a lot of scam sites out there that will offer to help but will only take your money. There will also be a lot of false solicitations asking for donations to help others. Please be cautious when responding to these opportunities.

Donations and Help:

We all appreciate the very generous offers that have been pouring in to our county and to our neighbors. Coordinated efforts are being put into place to facilitate everyone’s generous giving. Sometimes we can overburden a community with generosity sent before they are ready unless there is proper coordination. There are also many scammers out there we need to be aware of. Reputable sites will be set up that will list needed items and timely volunteer help. As we receive that information, we will publish that also. If you require assistance or if you know of someone that needs help, please report that to the appropriate authorities. To make a report, please call (406)932-3011 and leave a message. If it is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

More information will be forthcoming. Thanks to all of our responders, the generous people of our community and to all that have called to offer help.

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