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Phone: (406) 932-3011

Phone: (406) 932-3011

DES Coordinator: Cliff Brophy [email protected]

How does DES support emergency response agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and ambulance?

– Chairing the Local Emergency Planning Committee (click here to visit the LEPC Page). LEPC is the place that gives all agencies and partners an opportunity to discuss improvements to responses, and to plan trainings and exercises. LEPC has the final say when updating plans and directing preparedness activities.

– Managing the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during emergencies. The EOC supports the 911 Office by staffing an information hotline that provides the public with emergency information during incidents. Pubic information is also posted on the EOC page during ongoing emergencies. The EOC staff may support responders who manage the incident through resource ordering, tracking, and through cost tracking. The EOC is also responsible for keeping state agencies updated on the progress of incidents so they can better provide the resource support that is needed to resolve the incident as quickly as possible.

– Applying for and managing grants that help agencies better prepare for and respond to emergency situations. The DES Office, itself is supported by an Emergency Management Planning Grant and has managed many grants, such as the Homeland Security Grants, that help all of Sweet Grass County be better prepared to respond to emergencies.

– Acting as Public Information Officer during incidents. In Sweet Grass County, DES manages information during incidents and distributes it to the media and to the public.


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