Office Hours: Open Mon. - Fri. Hours: 8 am-12 pm / 1 pm-5 pm
Closed during Holidays

Phone: (406) 932-3011

Phone: (406) 932-3011

DES Coordinator: Cliff Brophy [email protected]

Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Local Emergency Planning Committee, or “LEPC,” meets every fourth Thursday of the month at 11:30 AM (Unless posted otherwise)
LOCATION: Ambulance Hall, 220 West 1st Avenue in Big Timber (Unless posted otherwise)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are making reasonable efforts to follow the Governor’s directives. You may attend this meeting in person or via computer / phone. Please contact the DES coordinator for details.
NEXT MEETING DATE:   October 28, 2021       11:30 AM Agenda Link: (pending)

The LEPC addresses emergency planning issues each month by reviewing how agencies have responded to emergency calls, by reviewing plans, and by discussing other issues that may improve the emergency services provided to the community.

LEPC consists of representatives:

County Disaster and Emergency Services
County Commissioners
Big Timber City Council
Sheriff’s Office
County 911
Fire Department
Pioneer Medical Center
Public Health
City and County Public Works
County Attorney
County/City Schools
State Disaster and Emergency Services
National Weather Service
Montana Highway Patrol
State Department of Transportation
Private Industry Cooperators (railroad, etc.)
Members of the Public

Sweet Grass Co. LEPC Meeting Agenda and Minutes
LEPC_Agenda_2019OCT24 LEPC_Minutes_2019OCT24
LEPC_Agenda_2019NOV21 LEPC_Minutes_2019NOV21
LEPC_Agenda_2019DEC19 LEPC_Minutes_2019DEC19
LEPC_Agenda_2020JAN23 LEPC_Minutes_2020JAN23
LEPC_Agenda_2020FEB27 LEPC_Minutes_2020FEB27
March 26, 2020


Meeting Canceled – COVID-19 Pandemic

March 26, 2020


No Minutes – No meeting held

LEPC_Agenda_2020APR23 LEPC_Minutes_2020APR23
LEPC_Agenda_2020MAY28 LEPC_Minutes_2020MAY28
LEPC_Agenda_2020JUN25 LEPC_Minutes_2020JUN25
2020JUL23 meeting canceled 2020JUL23 meeting canceled
LEPC_Agenda_2020AUG27 LEPC_Minutes_2020AUG27
LEPC_Agenda_2020SEP24 LEPC_Minutes_2020SEP24
LEPC_Agenda_2020OCT22 LEPC_Minutes_2020OCT22
2020NOV26 meeting canceled LEPC_Minutes_2020NOV26
2020DEC24 meeting canceled LEPC_Minutes_2020DEC24
LEPC_Agenda_2021JAN28 LEPC_Minutes_2021JAN28
LEPC_Agenda_2021FEB25 LEPC_Minutes_2021FEB25
LEPC_Agenda_2021MAR25 LEPC_Minutes_2021MAR25
LEPC_Agenda_2021APR22 LEPC_Minutes_2021APR22
LEPC_Agenda_2021MAY27 LEPC_Minutes_2021MAY27
LEPC_Agenda_2021JUN22 LEPC_Minutes_2021JUN22
LEPC_Agenda_2021JUL22 LEPC_Minutes_2021JUL22
LEPC_Agenda_2021AUG26 LEPC_Minutes_2021AUG26
LEPC_Agenda_2021SEP23 LEPC_Minutes_2021SEP23


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