Public Information Release – March 30, 2020

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Public Information Release
Sweet Grass County
Big Timber Montana
The Unified Command for Sweet Grass County and the City of Big Timber met again on March 30, 2020 and reviewed the action plan for our response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Two of our decisions that were made are explained herein. In consideration of the recent directive by Montana Governor Steve Bullock requiring people in Montana to shelter in place, we chose to reinforce that message with this reminder. If you have questions about the Governor’s directive, please review it on the website. If you are outdoors for authorized functions, please remember to maintain the recommended distance from other people.
The second decision made was to close access to playground equipment located in Big Timber. The virus can remain on hard surfaces for a period of time. Conceivably, a person could become infected by the virus by simply touching a hard surface hours after someone else was in contact with that same surface. Local government does not have the resources available to sanitize the playground equipment.
These decisions will remain in effect for the period of time that the Governor’s directive is valid or until the unified command group as re-evaluated this position and changes these decisions.
Clifford Brophy
DES Coordinator

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